Support A Survivor of Torture (SAST) is a small London-based charity, which provides practical help and support to survivors of torture and sexual violence from Sri Lanka, seeking asylum in the UK. 

The Sri Lankan Civil War, which lasted for over 25 years, has had devastating consequences to the country and its people. Although the war ended in May 2009, new arrivals from Sri Lanka, who have been brutally tortured, still rely on our support today. 

When survivors come to us, they are often still bleeding from their torture, shivering from lack of warm clothing, psychologically scarred and unable to communicate in English. 

Our early intervention prevents survivors from entering a cycle of hopelessness and despair, self-harming, suicide attempts and a life of benefits. 

Since 2015, we have helped more than 100 survivors who have arrived in the UK in the last few years. 

HoW WE HElp 

We offer tailored support to our survivors including:-

  • Assisting them with medical services (e.g. finding a GP who speaks their language)
  • Signposting and enrolling them into existing counselling services

  •  Vocational training

  • Therapeutic services - Trauma Release Exercise classes and yoga classes (in collaboration with Ourmala)

  • A 10-week programme of English classes and 6 follow-up weeks of conversation with a native speaker