Our clients are mostly asylum seekers who are not allowed to work whilst they wait for a decision on their asylum claim. We help our clients access English, Yoga and Psychotherapy programmes in London. We think it is their human right to access these services and will not let the £35 weekly budget of asylum support from the government stand in the way so we provide travel expenses no matter where they travel from. 


Our English classes come with a hot Sri Lankan curry lunch. On average, it costs £70 for 20 portions, and leftovers are taken home by clients who live in asylum hostels to have the next day. 


We gratefully accept donations of brand new or almost new clothes for clients who are recent arrivals in the UK. Items we look for include:

  • Winter coats & rainproof jackets
  • Scarves, gloves, hats
  • Jumpers and T-shirts
  • Comfortable walking shoes

If the items are not brand new, we request they are in good condition and washed prior to donation. 

Other items that we purchase, and are happy to accept as donations are:

  • Insoles for shoes (available from Boots)
  • Rape alarms (available on Amazon)

You could also make a care pack by purchasing a tote bag or rucksack and filling it with one of each of the above items, and drop it off at our office in Victoria.

For more information about donations please do get in touch with us on